How it Works


Painting pottery is fun, simple, and relaxing and anyone can do it!

COST: There is NO STUDIO FEE so all you pay is the price of pottery.

Cost includes all time, supplies, glazing and firing of the piece.

We have hundreds pieces of pottery to choose from priced from $5 to $75. We have many functional pieces such as mugs, plates, platters, goblets, tiles and many more!


  • Pick a piece of pottery
  • Design, decorate and doodle
  • Pottery will be glazed and fired and ready to pick up in a week!
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Learn to wheel throw or handbuild basic clay forms. Decorating, glazing and firing techniques will be covered. No experience necessary! Classes offered for ages 6+


  • Select your class date and call the studio to book your spot!
  • Enjoy a fun, relaxing class environment creating and glazing your masterpieces with step by step lessons from and Artist in You Clay Instructor.
  • Clay will be fired and ready for pick up in 2-3 weeks!
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Glass fusing is a fun and creative artform that is simple to do yet creates beautiful, elegant masterpieces. Glass fusing is simply cutting and gluing glass in place to make a design. We then fire it in our kiln to join together pieces of glass to create a beautiful flat work of art! These pieces can then be fired again to take on the shape of a specific mold to create a vase, bowl, plate, or similar object.What it costs….glass projects are priced by base size and includes up to 3 layers of design glass and slumping!

Reservations highly recommended.


  • Pick your project base
  • Cut, lay out your design on the base & tack with glue (cutting optional)
  • Glass will be flat fired and slumped and ready to pick up in about 2 weeks!

Our glass workshops make Glass Fusing even easier! Take one of our workshops to learn this new artform today!

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